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About us

Located in Hilversum, the media capital of the Netherlands, we are a full service post-production house for quality entertainment producers. Our facility and HQ is in a former school and listed building, 3 minutes walk from Hilversum central train station.

144 Solar Panels

Fully sustainable building with A+ energy label and equipped with a backup battery package for 100% uptime guarantee.

Edit suites

Our 14 edit suites have plenty of natural daylight and ergonomic sit-stand desks a private climate system per suite and acoustically vetted.

Private parking

Sixteen private parking spaces for our customers securely locked by access gate


Six audio suites and three recording booths plus two color grading suites.


Great cinema for viewings/release parties, trainings and workshops.

Central station

Three-minute walk from Hilversum Central Station.


Expanded lounge area for the true Postlounge experience.


Sixteen bicycle places for the true Dutch experience.

Postlounge HQ

Recently and beautifully renovated to the highest design and environmental standards, ‘The School’ has its own solar energy supply. We’re fast- approaching zero emissions. Our IT infrastructure uses low-energy Mac-based edit stations. And our intelligent workflow and remote editing services save our clients tons of valuable travel time, emissions, and ‘boots on the ground’. It just makes sense.

Our vision, mission and purpose are what drive us.


To make the post-production experience a pleasure, not a pain.


To free creatives and production teams from post-production worries, so they can focus on realising exceptional content.


Our purpose is to make your creative idea happen, within time, budget and quality. We do that through delivering a seamless post-production experience realised through superior craftsmanship, outstanding service and intelligent technology. Transparency is one of our core values, so our clients never have any surprises; financial, planning or otherwise. Our services span bespoke workflow design, senior video editor provision, to remote editing and more. Our state-of-the-art facility has been lovingly designed to soothe the most creative soul. Welcome to the Postlounge Experience.

We're Transparent

Problem solvers

With Outstanding service

class of 2022

Our core values

Make everyone smile!

Life is far too short to work on things that don’t both tickle the brain and stir the soul. Also, life’s too short to stumble around as The Grinch. At Postlounge, we swear by our smiles. We think positive vibes are the key to realising exceptional content. You’d be hard pushed not to smile when you first walk in to our lovely HQ. And we even have a Chief Happiness Officer. See the positive? Give compliments? Help others? Perform a random act of kindness? These are all great ways to spread happiness!


Get Naked, Fast

No, not like that. Transparency is one of our core values. So we are frank and direct with each other. No politics or playing games. We’re super hot on logistics and planning, and fully transparent in all our business. That way, our clients never get any nasty surprises from us — financial, planning, or otherwise. That’s a big part of our brand promise. And if you’re ever struggling with anything at all, you can reach out to us, too, frankly, openly and freely. We’ll listen. And help how we can.


Solve that problem!

One of the biggest things our clients rely on us for is to solve problems. This could be in planning, budgets, finding talent, solving a technical problem or more. Bold steps move projects forward. So go ahead. Be bold. Pull that trigger. Solve that problem. Some of our folks have become so good at it that they specialise in problems that haven’t even happened yet. That’s the sort of innovation we love. We eat problems for breakfast!


Un-dutch service

We know. The Dutch are not really known for their outstanding customer service or their personal touch. But we’re are different. As craftsmen, we come from the old Dutch school of hospitality. This means that no client need or want is too big or small for us. Post-production should be a pleasure, not a pain, remember? And making sure that our clients are completely free from worries is how we do it. Plus, being thoughtful, considerate and kind just makes the world a better place. So what do you have to lose?


Dedicated craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is the ability to execute a creative idea. And we are master craftsmen. This means we’re forward thinkers and bold doers. We invest heavily into our skill, discipline and technique as professionals. And we pay exceptional attention to detail. The pursuit of quality may not be an easy path, — and it is not for everyone — but for us it is worth pursuing — relentlessly. Going the extra mile to put the cherry on the cake for your client? Yep. Each and every time. For us, this is the way.