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One team, one experience

All our team members share a dedication to craftsmanship, regardless of their discipline. Our senior management make sure that our business is healthy, growing, and staying on track. Our operational management make sure that we’re continually optimising the Postlounge Experience — where our clients are 100% free from worries and focused fully on realising their creative ambition. If you believe that you have what it takes to join us, then please, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Dedicated Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is the ability to execute a creative idea. And we are master craftsmen. As such, our purpose is to help leading production houses realise their creative ambition. This demands forward thinking, solution orientation, and continual development of our team’s skills, discipline and technique as professionals. We invest heavily in this. And value those who share our dedication to craftsmanship. The pursuit of quality may not be an easy path, but we do know that it is one worth pursuing.

Lead Post-production

Joery Minnema

As our Post Supervisor at Postlounge, Joery contributes his expertise to the dynamic world of the entertainment industry. His journey within this industry has been deeply enriched by his extensive experience as a long-time editor. Having honed his skills over the years, Joery possesses an intimate understanding of the nuances of post-production.

Joery’s time in the editing suite has cultivated a strong sense of time management and problem-solving – attributes that are invaluable in his role as a Post Supervisor at Postlounge. It is this seasoned expertise that allows Joery to navigate complex projects with ease and ensure the seamless execution of each production he oversees. Also, hailing from Friesland in the Netherlands, Joery embodies the grounded and down-to-earth qualities often associated with being a “Friesenjung.”

Post Planning, Chief Happiness

Frya Visser

Frya is a vibrant and integral part of our Postlounge team. She is the ultimate taskforce when it comes to post-production planning. Frya seamlessly oorchestrates coordination of multiple projects. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Frya takes charge of managing client relationships with the highest standards. Her role extends beyond the conventional responsibilities of a planner, as she has earned the affectionate title of ‘Chief Happiness’ due to her unwavering commitment to ensuring not only the success of projects but also the well-being and satisfaction of everyone involved.

However, it is Frya’s unique role as ‘Chief Happiness’ that truly sets her apart. Beyond the logistics of project management, she puts a premium on fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine concern for the well-being of her colleagues contribute to a workplace culture that thrives on creativity and mutual support.


Sonny Tundo

Down in our basement, behind a secret door (we’re not kidding) floats the pulsing Digital Brain of The Postlounge Experience. Now, we could start talking tech: data and media, latency and synchronicity, but now is not the time. Instead, rest assured that every tech decision we make is designed to make your experience a seamless, creative, efficient and productive one. Sonny? He’s the one who manages The Brain. And that humming sound? It might be Sonny, or the Brain. We’re not sure.

Colourist, Mediamanager

Arik Udo

As a seasoned colorist, Arik brings vibrant hues and visual flair to our team and every project he works on. Doing this on a daily basis earns him the official title of ‘Ball Pit Expert.’ His passion for colour extends far beyond the color wheel, as he adds a dynamic and lively touch to our creative adventures.

Besides working his magic with everything colour, he’s also high on mediamanagement. Prior to his colourful career, Arik has been grinding bits, bytes, systems & workflows, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of data & technology. His expertise ensures that every project runs seamlessly, from conception to completion.

Creative Director, Editor

Jesse Wigger

Jesse, a multifaceted creative dynamo, not only serves as a skilled video editor at Postlounge but also dons the hat of Creative Director, bringing a unique flair to our projects. With a diverse background that includes several years as a director, Jesse infuses his work with a funky and creative touch.

His passion for creativity extends beyond moving pixels. He’s a connoisseur of all things nerdy, big time sneaker collector and someone who unapologetically still starts his day with Spongebob Squarepants. This eclectic mix of interests is the reason for Jesse’s vibrant and dynamic personality, which he seamlessly channels into his role as Creative Director.

Beyond the editing suite, Jesse’s infectious enthusiasm for all things creative serves as a driving force within the Postlounge team. His ability to get hyped about nerdy pursuits, combined with his knack for staying on the pulse of cultural trends, makes him a valuable asset in steering towards creative adventures.

Creative Producer, Editor

Rosalie van Beem

Rosalie is one of our creative video editing bludgers. With a strong commitment to our core value of “pulling the trigger,” she brings a decisive and action-oriented mentality to her work. In her world, idea’s aren’t just concepts; they are brought to life with a sense of urgency and purpose.

Within our team, Rosalie is not just a video-editing whiz; together with Frya, she’s also the force behind the aesthetic appeal of our office space. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to creating an inspiring work environment, she has transformed our workspace into a visually stunning and functional haven. From selecting vibrant color schemes to strategically arranging furniture for optimal creativity, Rosalie’s touch is evident in every corner. Her attention to detail extends beyond the digital realm, showcasing her versatility as a creative force.

Host & Facility Manager

Noah Tran

Mediamanager & Jr. Editor

Floris Gemke

CEO, Founder

Robbert Wilts

Robbert is our visionary CEO and founder of Postlounge. He embodies the perfect blend of leadership, multitasking mastery, and sales expertise. With a deep passion for the industry, Robbert’s journey began over 20 years ago as an editor. This hands-on experience has uniquely equipped him with huge understanding of craft, enabling him to lead with both authority and creativity. A father of three, Robbert’s role as a parent has molded him into a master of multitasking. This skill set spills over into the workplace, where his adept multitasking ensures that Postlounge operates seamlessly on multiple fronts.

As the driving force behind Postlounge, Robbert’s leadership is characterized by a deep understanding of the industry, a commitment to excellence, and a genuine passion for the creative process. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his extensive editing background, has laid the foundation for a company that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of the visual storytelling industry.

Operations Manager

Brian Vink

Brian, our numbers ’n digitsguru at Postlounge. He serves as our Operations Manager, bringing a wealth of expertise and a keen focus on numbers and digits to the forefront of our organization. A numbers virtuoso, Brian’s analytical powers are unmatched.


Kees van Velzen

The Postlounge Experience

We think that you’ll recognise it…

There is a fragile and magical moment you only get once in a while when working on a production. It’s that feeling when, mentally free from worries, and deep in the creative flow — you suddenly realise that what you’re working on is going to be absolutely incredible. Some say that you could bottle that feeling and sell it as the Elixir of Youth. All we know is that we call it The Postlounge Experience.

New School Design

Our facility and HQ is in a former school and listed building, 3 minutes walk from Hilversum central train station. Recently and beautifully renovated to the highest design and environmental standards, ‘The School’ has its own solar energy supply. We’re fast- approaching zero emissions. Our IT infrastructure uses low-energy Mac-based edit stations. And our intelligent workflow and remote editing services save our clients tons of valuable travel time, emissions, and ‘boots on the ground’.