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Colour grading

Color correction finishes your show, color grading is taking the next step.

Colour grading

Now that almost every show is shot in SLOG picking a style becomes more and more important. As we keep the communication tight between editing and finishing creating that style is a dynamic process between client, editor and grader.

Of course we have our templates to choose from, but interacting with the client and really creating what they have envisioned is what we like to do best. From the coasts of the Caribbean to the grey walls of a prison, we have done a wide range of shows but are always up for a new challenge.

Before grade

Starting from a log or raw image, our grading team pulls all the emotions from the files to evoke extraordinary results.

After grade

When the client is satisfied with the end result we create the desired outputs, from HD, 4K, HDR, you name it!