For several units and occasions, Postlounge has had the opportunity to handle police post-production. Here you can see a small sample of the work.

Nationale Politie - Innovation Room

Police respond to changing world with ‘Innovation eXperience Room’. In this state-of-the-art living lab, both professionals and students can experience the possibilities of the latest technologies. They also learn how real-time data from, for example, bodycams, sensors, drones and social media can be exchanged, collected and analysed. The iX is an example of successful cooperation between companies, national police and the Police Academy within the national security cluster (HSD).

Bergen op Zoom

Opening film Bergen op Zoom police station and
Zeeland-West Brabant joint control room

As the building could not be shown to the outside world at this opening, it was decided to add a film to the programme to give stakeholders, local residents, users and other interested parties an insight into the building and its users (police, fire brigade and ambulance service) in action.