Kustwacht Caribisch Nederland

In the reality series Kustwacht Caribisch Nederland, we join the Coast Guard of Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten on a mission. Every day they carry out impressive operations, from rescuing tourists in distress to intercepting drug shipments at sea and sheltering undocumented immigrants. This important and also dangerous work is done by a team of committed professionals, who guarantee safety in the Caribbean sea with the help of ships and helicopters.

For two seasons now I have been working with Postlounge on the action-reality show 'Kustwacht Caribisch Gebied' for National Geographic. The project is complex: the actions are captured with different cameras and formats (GoPro's, FS5 and FS7, Drone, Alpha III, FLIR) and on top of that it involves a lot of material. Add to that National Geographic's high demands on coulor grading and audio because "Kustwacht Caribisch Gebied" is broadcast worldwide. I am very satisfied with the way Postlounge handled and delivered this project: professional, dedicated, flexible and solution-oriented.

Remco GarciaOwner, producer Goya Productions