Tough As Nails

In an old paper factory, the competition for the title Tough As Nails and a grand prize of 10,000 euros starts. After a rigorous selection process, in which everyone was tested mentally and physically, only the fittest remained. Now it is time for the first trial of strength with an individual challenge and a group task.

At Postlounge, your project is in good hands. If you can dream it, they will draw up a plan. A realistic plan that everyone can and wants to put their shoulders under in order to make it feasible within all set deadlines and frameworks. Whether it concerns a crazy design package, inventing new techniques, a fine editing set or the entire facility supervision of your total project. Robbert's enthusiasm is contagious. The service orientation of all the employees instills confidence. The hospitality radiated by the entire team and building gives you the feeling of coming home.

Sascha De HoogExecutive Producer Fremantle